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السبت، ٢٦ ربيع الأول


Atlanta -Pullman Yards

Book Out - Pullman Yards -Atlanta

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Book Out - Pullman Yards -Atlanta
Book Out - Pullman Yards -Atlanta

الوقت والموقع

٢٦ ربيع الأول ١٤٤٤ هـ، ١٢:٠٠ م – ٥:٠٠ م

Atlanta -Pullman Yards, Rogers St NE, Atlanta, GA 30317, USA

نبذة عن الحدث

God is amazing! This will be my first book event in two years. The event is being held in Atlanta (at the Railyard in Pratt Pullman District) on October 22nd, 2022 from 12 P.M. - 5 P.M.

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